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this is fucking thought provoking 

brands are for the sake of advertising so people will remember their company and hopefully buy from them, this is a known business tactic. trees do not want to sell anything and probably couldn’t care less if you don’t recognize them theyre fucking plants bye

People are more focused on branding and spending money than learning about the world around them. So fuck you for defending that.

I’m with the first guy. Brands are designed to be recognized. You can’t help that. But unless you’re using plants in your field or are just a big nature nerd there will rarely be a need for you to recognize every plant by their foliage.

Might as well learn every different kind of mineral, gas, compound, organism, etc in the universe ever.

“Mom can you tell me what leaf this is?”

“Honey I honestly have no idea”

“Fuck you mom, you consumerist sheep”.

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